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董栓泉,熊 茜,王春幸,王鸿飞,邵兴锋,李和生,许 凤*   

  1. (宁波大学食品科学与工程系,浙江宁波 315211)
  • 出版日期:2016-09-25 发布日期:2016-09-25

Sucrose Maintain the Energy and Antioxidant Activity in Delaying the Yellowing of Broccoli

DONG Shuan-quan,XIONG Qian,WANG Chun-xing,WANG Hong-fei,SHAO Xing-feng,LI He-sheng,and XU Feng *   

  1. (Department of Food Science and Engineering,Ningbo University,Ningbo,Zhejiang 315211,China)
  • Online:2016-09-25 Published:2016-09-25


为探讨蔗糖处理对青花菜采后黄化的抑制作用,采用含不同浓度(0、50、100、150、200 和250 mmol · L-1)蔗糖的MS固体培养基培养青花菜花蕾,研究其对青花菜花蕾抗氧化能力与能量代谢的影响。结果发现,含150 mmol · L-1蔗糖的MS培养基处理能显著抑制青花菜叶绿素降解;与空白对照相比,蔗糖处理能显著抑制多酚氧化酶(PPO)活性上升,延缓苯丙氨酸解氨酶PAL)活性下降,而对抑制丙二醛(MDA)含量上升没有显著效果。蔗糖处理通过提高叶绿体、线粒体中Ca2+-ATPase活性,以及花蕾中三磷酸腺苷(ATP)、二磷酸腺苷(ADP)含量和能荷(EC)水平来维持能量代谢。维生素C含量的下降可能不是叶绿素降解的关键原因。

关键词: 青花菜, 蔗糖, 抗氧化酶, 能量代谢


The effects of sucrose treatment on antioxidant activity and energy metabolism of broccoli florets were investigated. Broccoli florets were treated with MS solid medium including various concentrations(0,50,100,150,200 and 250 mmol · L-1)of sucrose in dark for 3 d. The results showed the medium with 150 mmol · L-1 of sucrose significantly inhibited the chlorophyll degradation,while the control group turned completely yellow. When compared to the control group,sucrose treatment restrained the increase of polyphenol oxidase(PPO)activity and the decrease of L-phenylalanine ammonia-lyase(PAL)activity. There were no remarkable differences in the increase of malondialdehyde(MDA)content between the sucrose-treated and control groups. Sucrose treatment maintain the energy metabolism by maintaining higher levels of ATP,ADP and energy charge(EC)and delaying the decline of Ca2+-ATPase activity in chloroplast and mitochondria. The declining of the vitamin C may not be the key to chlorophyll degradation.

Key words: broccoli, sucrose, antioxidant enzymes, energy metabolism